The Inflecto Trainer is a technological leap forward in
flexibility fitness equipment. The innovative design is
engineered to minimize muscle resistance to stretching
while maximizing flexibility. The Inflecto Trainer provides
comfortable, effective and safe flexibility training.

Meeting Market Demands
Inflecto Trainer has been able to help many people in many
different markets. Select a market below to learn how it can
help you!

Fitness Studio
The Inflecto Trainer is dedicated to provide your members
with the ultimate in comfortable and safe flexibility training
for the back. Every member will have the opportunity to
warm-up or cool down with the most advanced back care
exercise equipment available.

Rehap / Chiropractic
The Inflecto Trainer is engineered to provide your
patients with safe and biomechanically correct back
flexibility training. Inflecto delivers safe and gradual back
decompression exercises that can be used with or without

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