Lying leg curl

Specialized at hamstrings, calves, hip flexors.
Handle provides stability.
Excellent durability and design by using plasma cut thick steel pipe.
Double layered glossy coating.
Easy adjusting seat using latch mechanism.
Sweat durable artificial leather sheet.
Ergonomic design makes excercise effient and comfortable.

1. Adjust body to align pivot point at knee.
2. Adjust ankle pad to align with back of ankle.
3. Slowly curl pad up and return to starting position.

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Product Feature

  • 2″ x 4″ Square Tubing 9 Gauge Steel
  • Powder Coated Paint Finish with Clear Gloss Finish
  • Solid Steel Weight Plates, Hard Chrome guides rods, Low Friction bushings
  • Adjustable Ankle Pad
  • Angled Pad design isolates Hamstrings and reduces Lower Back stress
  • Full Weight Stack Shrouds
  • Dimensions: 980 x 1653 x 1552 mm (L x W x H) / 38.5″ L x 65″ W x 61.1″ H
  • Machine Weight:200 kg / 441 lbs
  • Standard Weight Stack:100 kg / 220 lbs (Optional Max Stack Weight : 140 kg / 308 lbs)