Power Climber

Product Information

Control of exercise intensity Variable twist grip method
Driving system Rope/chain method
Product size 1216 x 826 x 1683 mm (L x W x H) 

(47.9” x 32.5” x 66.3”)

Product W.T. 120 kg (265 lbs)
Max. allowable W.T. 180 kg (400 lbs)
Step distance 255 mm (10 inches)
UP/DOWN Exercise Stroke 657 mm (26 inches)
Display Calorie, Time, Distance, RPM
Heart-Rate N/A
Durability High strength steel frame 

Corrosion resistant reinforced black powder coating

Auto tensioner internal

Power 1.5V Battery 3EA (Display)
Guarantee Period 1 year A/S(free)
Usability Horizontal control system 

Handles designed to effectively guide sprint and strength-oriented behavior

Patented Continuous Variable Transmission

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Product Feature

  • Implementing energy-consuming climbing movements during exercise
  • Various forms of upper/lower muscle movement are possible
  • Application of twist grip method with easy control of kinetic strength
  • Designed with a combination of chain and rope drive to minimize noise
  • Precision processing, high strength steel frame structure: excellent durability