SysTrain® Kinetics bases on innovative and contactless motion detectionthrough a 3D-camera.It allows you to implement various scientific tests,for example a jumping-test or the analysis of reaction and balance capacities.Furthermore, you can measure the size of body segments and joint angles.The system was developed for personal trainers,as well as physical therapists and large fitness centres.

Balance Test

The balance test measures your balance skills. The test supports the use of different equipment such as the BOSU Balance-Trainer or the Posturomed. Our innovative approach detects every motion of the musculoskeletal system while the test is being conducted it even records and evaluates the slightest arm rowing motion.

Tests and analyses – quick implementation and professional results

SysTrain® Kinetics is able to implement extensive tests and analyses in a short time and with reliable results. The installation of the system takes a couple of minutes – mobile measurements are therefore not a problem anymore. Various “add on” opportunities lead to a quick return of investment (ROI) and support you with technical and economical challenges.

Analysis of body segments and posture

The evaluation of body segments allows you to measure the length of body parts within a few moments. The information about these aspects is escpecially important for training sessions with youngsters or children as well as during therapy, for instance to diagnose a leg length difference.

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