Recently, fitness facilities are moving away from engaging in one sport and transforming into complex sports facilities. The sizes of these facilities are increasing for people to enjoy multiple sports, such as fitness, yoga, and screen golf, in one center.

Many of these complex sports facilities face difficulty in operation due to the complications of managing a large-scale facility and members using various exercise services. In order to address this problem, DRAX upgraded DRAXFit to another level, introducing a total digital fitness solution that brings together functions such as exercise equipment and systems, member management, and payment.
For example, DRAX supports and offers an efficient operation of all necessary management of the Gyeongsang National University’s Sports Complex, which opened this year, including entry control, locker allocation, unmanned daily access pass issuance, personalized smart exercise management, and sales management through pay services.

Today, we will introduce a smart sauna that has DRAXFit, the advanced total digital fitness solution.


As the popularity of saunas decreased due to the prolonged Covid-19 crisis, many people are worried about operating and maintaining these facilities.
In particular, fitness facilities operating in saunas are additional services, which makes it difficult to provide high-quality services through professional personal training and promote gym services to customers. However, the fitness population has increased recently, and applying DRAXFit’s smart management system could create new business opportunities.

Along with the high-quality exercise equipment of DRAX, Korea’s No. 1 fitness equipment brand, DRAXFit’s entry control, unmanned daily membership sales kiosk, POS systems, member management, and smart exercise management systems can provide smart usage of fitness facilities and saunas and further increase service satisfaction.

With DRAXFit, your facility can change into a total fitness facility where people don’t have to use the sauna then exercise for a bit but can enjoy fitness and sauna!
Now, let’s look at BROIN J Seongwon Nexus branch in Daegu, which was reborn just like that!


BROIN J Seongwon Nexus branch newly opened in July after renovating its existing sauna, gym, and golf course. It has transformed into a large complex sports facility that uses the 4th to 11th floors of the building, with each floor size of 450 pyeong, where members can enjoy various exercises, such as fitness, sauna, golf, and GX.
Although it’s challenging to manage the facility and members due to its large scale and multiple floors, BROIN J applied DRAXFit, the total digital fitness solution, to provide convenient management and high-quality services.

Firstly, members will encounter kiosks installed in the lobby before entering BROIN J Seongwon Nexus branch. Members can be allocated to a locker, while non-members to purchase a daily access pass through these kiosks. DRAXFit also controls the gate entry, managing it unmanned.

Since all facilities at BROIN J Seongwon Nexus branch uses DRAXFit, members can easily use and pay for all facilities from the gym to the sauna with the DRAXFit band used to enter the gate.
In addition, DRAXFit’s smart exercise management system is applied to all exercise equipment, providing members with a more systematic exercise using a customized exercise program even without receiving professional personal training. It presents everything from exercise intensity, frequency, and order to daily and monthly progress programs, and members can receive reports on their exercise results through their mobile phones, increasing user satisfaction!

DRAXFit also provides a management system that can efficiently control complex situations when operating large-scale sports facilities, such as class management, facility congestion, and user status. These functions allow you to flexibly handle situations where you must limit the number of people within the same time according to the social distancing guideline.

With the DRAXFit solution, even for buildings with saunas and gyms, you can reduce the operation burden by comprehensively managing functions that are individually operated all at once while increasing user satisfaction and creating profit.
Learn more about Korea’s first total digital fitness solution ‘DRAXFit’ optimized for sports facility operations at DRAX.

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