There’s an equipment known as the best cardio exercise equipment. It’s DRAX ‘Stair Climber’. This exercise equipment takes motif from stair climbing exercise and is called ‘the Stairs to Heaven’ because it feels like you will meet heaven while you step on the constantly turning pads. Stair Climber particularly gained attention because many celebrities, including IU and Suzy, use it to manage their figure.

As the effects of stair climbing exercise are being recognized these days, there has been a lot of interest in exercise equipment for climbing stairs indoors.

Let’s look at the effects of stair climbing exercise!

The effects of stair climbing exercise

Stair climbing exercise burns about 1.5 times more calories compared to walking on flat surfaces. It burns a lot of calories in a short time, so it’s a very effective cardio exercise for those who aim to lose weight. Many people also love this exercise because it stimulates lower body muscles, especially hip muscles.

You may think that stair climbing exercise is not good for joints like knees. However, exercising in a proper posture will actually strengthen the muscles around your knees to help prevent degenerative arthritis.

It’s important to remember proper posture for stair climbing exercises! First, when you step on the stairs, make sure the entire soles of your feet touch the ground, and that your feet are parallel to each other like the shape of an eleven (11). Additionally, straighten your back and spine and avoid leaning against the railing when climbing stairs.

If you slightly bend your upper body, it can further stimulate your hip muscles. After learning the basic posture, you can change the way you climb stairs with an expert’s help and achieve multiple effects through various exercises involving calves, thighs, hips, and cardio.


Now, we will introduce DRAX ‘Stair Climber’ in detail, which lets you effectively engage in stair climbing exercise indoors.

The irreplaceable Korean exercise equipment! DRAX Stair Climber


DRAX Stair Climber is designed ergonomically, just like other DRAX exercise equipment. You can see how meticulously and scientifically it has been designed from the foothold’s size and height and the handle’s location.

Existing similar products have small footholds, causing many people to complain of discomfort when exercising. On the other hand, DRAX Stair Climber increased the foothold’s size so that you can step on the pad with the entire soles of your feet, improving stability when exercising. In addition, the foothold’s angle and height are designed to ensure that the front of your foot doesn’t get caught or there is no pressure when climbing.


You can also operate easily with the buttons on the handles. The left handle has buttons to adjust speed, and the right handle has buttons to start and stop running the equipment.

In particular, the left handle allows load adjustment in 25 stages, so you can select from a wide range of exercise intensities. It also has a load control device that helps prevent possible injuries, increasing safety when exercising. Furthermore, the steel part of both handles is equipped with a cutting-edge intelligent touch heart rate system (IHRS) for you to monitor your heart rate.



DRAX Stair Climber can be linked to the digital fitness solution ‘DRAXFit’, allowing for various functions. With ‘DRAXFit’, you can analyze the accumulated data, then automatically control the load of the Stair Climber for safer and more effective exercise with the right speed and time for you! All you have to do is tap the exercise equipment to exercise the settings customized to you!

If you finish exercising and see the results visually, wouldn’t your sense of accomplishment also increase? DRAXFit displays the exercise results and target goal progress rate after you finish exercising to let you check your results visually. You can also check your exercise results by day, so you can use the Stair Climber and other exercise equipment more systematically.


Enjoy stair climbing exercise with DRAX ‘Stair Climber’, which has stability, convenience, and fun all in one!