Korea’s No.1 fitness brand DRAX is hosting the DRAX Championship, Korea’s biggest fitness competition with total prize money of ₩100 million. Based on DRAX’s business philosophy to exercise faithfully, safely, and enjoyably to its essence, the ‘DRAX Championship’ will be held for two days on September 11-12 at Paradise City Chroma.

‘DRAX Championship’ consists of seven events, ▲Bodybuilding ▲Classic Bodybuilding ▲Body Fitness ▲Physique Male ▲Bikini Fitness ▲Sports Model Male ▲Sports Model Female. As the first competition, we prepared the highest-level prize money and reward. First, the Grand Prix will receive ₩10 million prize. In addition, the Top 4 of each event, a total of 34 people, will receive an award and prize money, and the total prize money will be worth ₩100 million in cash, which is the biggest scale ever in Korea. For the most participated and the most awarded group, DRAX’s latest fitness equipment will be rewarded along with the prize money.


In addition to the prize money, we put our heart and soul into the assessment and performances on the competition day. For a fairer assessment, we carefully selected authoritative judges from the Korea Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. We also plan to be fully ready to give valuable experiences to athletes who have prepared hard through high-quality performances and a talented media camera team.
On the day of the competition, the venue will also host a festival where participating athletes and people who came for support can get a taste of fitness trends. We plan to set up a brand exhibition on the first floor of the competition venue for people to look around and experience DRAX’s latest fitness equipment freely.

The competition participation registration will be held for three weeks until August 3, and registration can be made on the DRAX Championship’s official website. Related inquiries can be found on DRAX Championship’s official Kakao, Instagram, and Facebook.
DRAX’s CEO Yoo Sun-kyung said, “Since this is our first and the biggest fitness competition, we plan to do our best to provide the greatest opportunity for athletes to showcase their abilities on stage and a fair, honest competition that can reward everyone even from the preparation process. Through this competition, I hope more people will experience the fitness culture and that it will increase the number of people who enjoy a healthy fitness culture.”

Meanwhile, DRAX is researching, developing, and producing various fitness products based on the business objective to contribute to enhancing public health. Furthermore, we are working hard to establish an innovative healthcare culture that aligns with the fourth industrial revolution with a smart gym system incorporating IoT technology by launching ‘DRAXFit’, a digital fitness platform.