Spring has come, but the mornings and evenings are cool. During this in-between season when temperatures vary throughout the day, our immunity decreases as our body changes to adapt to the weather changes. When your immunity is weak, you need to spend the in-between season as healthy as possible because you can be easily exposed to illnesses such as colds.

Oftentimes enough rest and water intake, hygiene, and deep sleep are mentioned, but another important method is maintaining a constant body temperature so that it doesn’t fall below a certain temperature!

The enzymes that create our body energy are most active at 36-37.5 degrees, so even if the appropriate body temperature drops just one degree, immunity is reduced by 30%, and if this condition persists, immunity will generally fall and be exposed to various illnesses. Then, what is a way to maintain our body temperature? The answer is proper Cardio and weight exercises! These provide great help in raising and maintaining body temperature. Would you like to do some exercises to maintain proper body temperature with DRAX today?


The best indoor cardio exercise is running on a treadmill. New REDON has DRAX’s unique shock absorption system that reduces the impact while running to prevent injury, while the speed-sync technology automatically adjusts speed according to the user’s location, which helps you run safely and effectively with natural speed control and fall prevention. In addition, it’s the only treadmill in Korea with a mirroring function, adding an element of fun to exercising.

As you watch a variety of content, such as YouTube, Netflix, or sports broadcast videos, by mirroring the monitor attached to the treadmill with your smartphone, you will realize the 30-minute run has gone by in no time.


Calves are called the “second heart” and they play an important role in the human body. This is because the calf muscles vigorously circulate blood pumped through the heart to the lower body. If the calf muscles are weak, they won’t be able to function as a blood pump, creating the possibility of vascular diseases such as blood clots.

Your calf muscles can be trained through DRAX WELLIV PRO Lying Leg Curl. You exercise by lying face down and setting the Lying Leg Curl so that your Achilles tendon and the lower part of your calves touch the pads. It trains the calf muscles by stimulating your biceps femoris and hamstrings.

The Lying Leg Curl is ergonomically designed for Korean body shape (length by lower body part), and built to be easy on the knee joints, putting the right amount of load on them. In addition, a high-quality sheet with sturdy material and soft cushion has been installed to enhance the sense of exercising.

In-between season illnesses that threaten our health! Develop your immunity and greet spring happily with the right exercise methods and exercises that fit your body with DRAX exercise equipment