According to a recent survey on “weight change after Covid-19” of 981 adult men and women by a company, three out of ten adults reported that they had gained weight. Excessive weight gain can lead to obesity. WHO has identified obesity as an “illness that requires long-term treatment” and a “21st-century new infectious disease”. OECD also predicted that Korea’s highly obese population will continue to grow, doubling to 9% by 2030.

In addition, continuous weight gain can lead to adult diseases. Adult diseases are illnesses closely related to exercising, smoking, drinking, and eating habits, so you can prevent weight gain by not having a late-night snack and having regular eating habits, sleeping habits, and consistent cardio exercising.


It is said that doing regular cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes at a similar time every day is the most effective way to use accumulated spleen rather than exercising when you remember or when you have time. These days, it is necessary to find an easy cardio exercise method to do indoors, so today, we will recommend two of the best cardio exercise equipment to use indoors.


The first cardio exercise equipment is the DRAX My Mountain. You can adjust the slope on My Mountain to go higher against gravity, naturally burning more than twice the calories than walking on a flat plane. You can also do full-body exercises through a trekking course where uphill and downhill are repeated.

In particular, My Mountain has a shorter deck length than regular treadmills, so it’s good for installing in narrow indoors or homes as it takes up less space.

The second recommended equipment is the DRAX indoor bike. The bike, which is lightweight and small in size with excellent exercise effect, can be easily used by men and women of all ages and does not provide any burden of exercising as it puts less pressure on the knees compared to other exercises.

There are two types of indoor bikes: a standing bike and a sitting bike. For the standing bike, you ride with your upper body upright like a regular bike and your bottom on its small saddle. It provides exercise effects throughout the body as the weight is placed towards your bottom, and the pressure is not only on your legs that are pedaling but also on your waist and upper body.

For the sitting bike, you pedal by sitting on the chair and your back leaning, so you can focus on exercising your lower body without much pressure on your upper body, which is suitable for people with disc problems and pregnant women.

Scientifically designed exercise equipment can reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of exercising. We hope you can catch two birds — weight management and health — with one stone by doing consistent cardio exercises with DRAX!