How will the fitness industry change in 2021?
With a prolonged pandemic that began last year, the fitness market will have a new change. The third-largest in the U.S. to lead the worldwide fitness industry, “24-hour fitness”, filed for bankruptcy in June last year. Now, the fitness industry is facing an on-tact era, and subsequently, digital fitness equipment is in the spotlight. According to the 2020 Global ICT Issue Report, the U.S. digital healthcare industry recorded about $39.4 billion as of last year and is expected to grow by 2025 with an average growth rate of 31%.

The 2020 Global ICT Issue Report particularly predicts that high-performance smart fitness equipment, wearable device development, and service delivery will be a successful strategy to occupy the market. Users are also starting to want a personalized fitness approach that enables them to share, analyze real-time user data records via smart devices and maximize their workout experience. Keeping in view this shift in the marketplace, DRAX is transforming into a digital fitness organization, and today we’re going to look at DRAX’s digital fitness system.


“New workout style, digital fitness platform DRAXfit”

DRAXfit is a smart gym platform that digitally transforms all processes needed to run the fitness center, including membership management and workout coaching, providing systematic service to both operators and users, and as well as non-face-to-face management from access records to traffic line checks to provide fast, flexible access to social distance guidelines. It is particularly an innovative digital fitness system for both trainers and users to systematically manage workouts and achieve goals because they directly record and accumulate the user’s body information and workout records. Users can easily check them through a smartphone.

“No more boring workout, RUN BEAT”

RUN BEAT is a platform that allows you to do virtual runs through a character linked to a Non-motorized treadmill DRAX FIT+. Through RUN BEAT and DRAX FIT+, it is believed that it shows the future of digital fitness as much as you can play on-tact running indoors with anyone in the world.

“DRAX’s Digital Fitness workout Equipment Technology, Treadmill New REDON”

What functions do you usually use on a treadmill? Surely, most of you work out while setting the speed and time and watching a separate TV in front of you. However, DRAX treadmill New REDON offers a wide range of digital features, including easy touch operation on a 21.5-inch large monitor, video viewing via a USB connection, TV, viewing built-in workout program, Internet connection, and viewing YouTube through mirroring.


The DRAX treadmill New REDON is also linked to the DRAXfit, so you can get coaching by converting all your workout records and methods into data. Thus, DRAX further strengthens its competitiveness as a no.1 fitness equipment brand at the domestic level by introducing fitness equipment and platforms that add ‘digital technology to its already outstanding technology.


DRAX will continue its amazing journey to becoming the First Penguin to accelerate digital transformation in the fitness industry with its new ideas that are ahead of time and technologies that support them!